呼叫中心 & 生态系统集成

Evolve your enterprise in any direction you choose, with full-featured applications that turn communications into a truly collaborative experience.


Contact Center and Attendants

4059 Extended Edition Attendant Console Attendant console with an easy-to-use visual interface for personalized customer welcome in medium and large enterprises. 调度控制台 Improve call processing dispatcher efficiency in high pressure control centers, and in high call traffic administrations with 调度控制台 IP桌面软电话 An easy-to-use business telephony application that brings all the features of a desk phone to your mobile device and desktop. OmniPCX记录套件 监控, record and evaluate all employee-customer interactions with call recording, screen capture and real-time listening tools. OmniTouch呼叫中心 A scalable and reliable contact center solution for up to 7,000 agents. OmniTouch 4625 Interactive Voice Response Deliver a superior customer service experience with a powerful IVR system that exceeds customer expectations. OpenTouch信息中心 Centralized voicemail services with message access from email applications, internal and external phones across OmniPCX Enterprise networks. 软面板经理 收集, combine and display business data or contact center statistics in real-time for operational monitoring. 视觉自动服务员 In business, a telephone call is often the first point of contact. 视觉自动服务员 provides a professional image with a virtual receptionist available 24/7, delivering a quality response to your customers. 啤酒连接 Streamline operations and delight your customers with a complete omnichannel contact center solution that offers email, 即时聊天, 社交媒体, phone calls and simplified management.