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  • Education Industry solutions
  • Healthcare industry solutions
  • Hotel Solutions
  • The government sector
  • Transportation industry operator solutions
Build a smart campus with smart education solutions
Build smart campuses with education industry solutions that empower personalized learning and secure communication and collaboration。
Keeping pace with The Times to carry out digital transformation is the key to thriving schools。Create a technology environment that allows students and teachers to interact effectively and provide personalized digital learning experiences to help students grow。Reliable and secure networks can support the realization of smart campuses and respond to their changing needs。
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Medical and health care
Medical industry solutions for medical institutions in the digital era
ALE healthcare industry solutions connect patients, employees, devices, processes, and devices efficiently, safely, and in compliance。
Real-time communications are an important part of our ability to connect everything across the entire healthcare organization and optimize healthcare processes for patients and clinical staff。How can patients and clinical staff benefit from real-time communication
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Hotel service
Hotel Solutions
Reinvent communication and connections between your guests and employees in a safe and efficient way。ALE solutions provide immersive mobile guest experiences that help hotels thrive。
Nowadays, hotels and industry insiders have to transform in order to develop their business。Allow your guests to exceed their expectations while enjoying close quarters and security, while also having instant access to all hotel facilities from their own devices。In addition, you can connect guests and employees by voice from anywhere。Prepare for the future by optimizing services, controlling costs and improving business insight from now on。
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Government Industry Solutions
We help governments connect with communities by delivering applicable technology。For government workers, the public and businesses

Digital tools to improve relationships with citizens

By using familiar mobile applications and digital channels, managers, citizens and businesses can interact and trust each other。But at the same time, government agencies need to provide other options because not all users use modern technology。They must fulfil their duty to make public services freely available to all through multiple channels。

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The transportation
From Connected to Intelligent Transportation 4.0
We combine railway, aviation, highway, port and logistics transportation subsystems to provide smarter services for your customers and employees
Innovative digital transformation enables transport operators to move from connected to intelligent transport in a safe and sustainable way。
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Network as a Service (NAAS)

Network as a Service (NaaS) provides you with the latest networking technologies and solutions with business agility, scalability and flexibility。

This is why Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Communications offers an innovative subscription model for its network solutions。 ALE's Web as a Service is a new business model that provides a more flexible and agile way for enterprises to build and maintain (hardware, licenses, applications, management tools, hosted services, etc.) based on the network lifecycle, rather than a permanent purchase contract。

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Rainbow Office powered by RingCentral

Conduct your business anywhere, anytime with a complete, easy-to-use and manageable cloud business communications solution。

Rainbow Office delivers secure, modern communications solutions on any device。You can communicate and collaborate by text, video, and phone anytime, anywhere。Supported by a full range of services, Rianbow Office is integrated with ALE's market-leading communications and networking products, enabling a complete digital transformation。 


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Rainbow Office powered by RingCentral

Cloud platforms support businesses during lockdowns

The fact that businesses can maintain activities during lockdowns thanks to cloud platforms shows the importance of future-oriented infrastructure。

Medical and health care

Avoid loss of nurse practitioners through asset tracking

Healthcare providers should make good use of technology, such as asset tracking, to avoid device loss and to keep nurses and other staff free of administrative issues。


How can you help your business run properly and ensure the safety of your employees

In times of crisis, a simple, reliable remote networking solution can help your business continue to operate normally and ensure the safety of employees。


Effective communication - prevent panic and control crisis management costs

The value and role of communication in preventing and intervening social panic


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